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June 24, 2004

Your pop's pal remains free

Dear George:

It would be nice if you were interested in combating terrorism instead of chasing petrol.

If you would have wanted to go into Afghanistan to get Bin Laden instead of hooking up the pipeline for your business pals the second country you would have invaded would have been Pakistan. Having lived out there it seems to me that Pakistan is the biggest terrorist state in the world.

Yet you keep them as an ally.

Had you enlisted the help of India and gone into Afghanistan and Pakistan at the same time I am sure that bin Laden would be dead or captured. You could have destroyed Al Queada.

But your Pop's pal remains free to harm us.

After all I lived in Kabul as one of a community of ex-patriot refugees from Slippery Dick's Amerika when your pop's pals came in and kicked us out. I was told then by a modern Afghani businessman that it was all about getting the natural gas in the North. He said then that the US and the Soviets were working together on this and that he feared what was happening would lead to the Russians invading. Before I was run out for No Legal Reason, the CIA was already paying Afghans to carry signs against the King.

He was a good King.

Am I wrong that your dad and the Saudi's put that religious Asshole in Afghanistan to distribute anti Helicopter stinger missiles? Make money. Is it not so that the name Al Queada comes from bin Laden’s computer database (The Base) of the religious nuts coming into Afghanistan to fight the Russians? Are you aware of any of this?

My perception of what you are doing is for reasons of greed.

I am not alone in that perception.

Age 63
New Orleans



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