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July 08, 2004

You are the biggest liberal I can remember

Dear George:

I had hoped you would unite our great country. You actually are a uniter, but not as I suspected.

You have certainly united the Democrats. You have done an excellent job of uniting the fundamentalist Muslims against us. You have managed to unite most of the western coalition members of NATO against us. You have been very successful in uniting the World Leaders into believing that we have a “gun slinging cowboy” as a President. It is too bad that all of your successes as a “uniter” are to the detriment of our great country.

I can remember when a Republican was a social moderate and a fiscal conservative. The liberal/conservative name calling and elitist attitudes are not what our country needs.

Remember Harry Truman, a social liberal forging forward with social issues that were the building stones of the middle class. But he was a fiscal conservative requiring that congress give him balanced budgets.

Remember Ronald Reagan, a social conservative with regressive social ideas. But he was a fiscal liberal forcing congress to pass budgets with huge spending deficits.

Remember Bill Clinton, a social liberal with progressive social ideas. But he was a fiscal conservative requiring congress to change there ways and finally pass balanced budgets.

Then there's you, a social ultra-conservative with angry, war like, regressive ideas. But you are the very worst case of a fiscal liberal I have seen in my lifetime.

In fact, Mr. President, you are the biggest liberal I can remember.

I have worked for the Republican Party some years ago when the party was social moderate and fiscally conservative. My older friends are just sick with the direction you took our country.

It's time for us to move our country back to being socially moderate and fiscally conservative once again.

I suppose that means that you will have to go, and take your cabinet with you.

And I suppose that means that I will be voting for Kerry/Edwards in November.

I hope that sometime you can grasp the ideas that made our country great and the meaning of the American dream.

I am a Vietnam Vet and have very strong feelings when it comes to our military. We have fine young men and women on our military services. They are willing to die for us. All they ask in return is that we never put them in harm's way without a very good reason.

You screwed up BIG TIME . . .

I pray that you have the opportunity to move back to Texas next January.


Age 59
Minot, ND



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