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July 01, 2004

We do not owe the rest of the world

Mr. President:

I am again appealing to you to think about the harm being done in the name of diversity and multiculturalism. We have become a nation divided - two languages, two cultures, two traditions. We must retain the America that our forefathers set out for us. The immigrants of old sought eagerly to take on the mantle of America. They shed the trappings of the old country. Now, hyphenated names, language and its retention are a badge of honor, and the harm to our country is immense.

The billions of dollars spent on education, medical attention and humanitarian services will never be overcome by what is, supposedly given back to America. It isn't “given back;” it is SENT back, with much never taxed because it is “off the books pay.” Our schools are overcrowded. Ratings have gone down because of the attention that must be given to non-English speaking students, thereby taking away from the time that should be spent with children of this country. Illegal means against the law, a simple explanation that not many in Washington seem to understand. The numbers grow by the millions each year, and it is a plain matter of survival.

We do not owe the rest of the world a living, especially those nations who do not see fit to help themselves. Many countries are using the United States as a dumping ground for the poorest among them. Please demand that those countries stop this practice, and put troops on our borders, especially the southern border to show that America is not the “patsy” that it has been for far too long. If you want to cinch the next four years, leave off politicalspeak and get tough. Stand up to the leaders of the countries who take such advantage of us and say, “No mas!” Then, you'll be able to hear “Mr. President” for the next four years.

Senior Citizen
Georgetown, TX.



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