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July 08, 2004

America needs your leadership

Dear George:

As an American, a conservative, and a rational adult, I want to say a few words.

Good job. Those are the words. Under your leadership the nation has recovered from an economic crash to rival the depression, seen the actions of fascist dictators and hateful 'religions' be cut off at the knees. We have had the largest job and manufacturing growth in decades, and there is no end in sight. America today is a better, stronger, safer place then ever before, and this is thanks, in the main, to your leadership.

When people who cannot see this begin to rant and rave, take heart, the vast majority of the nation is behind you, and wants to see another four years of your calm leadership. From the first days in office, in restoring dignity and decorum to the White House, and the office you hold, you have shown the ability to rise above the fray, the petty complaints of those who do not understand the world of today. This is a great strength.

And strength is needed. As we head into the final stretch of the election, more and more attacks on your character and accomplishments will be unleashed. The party preaching inclusion and compassion will seek to exclude those who see reality, and denigrate those who disagree with their credos. The enemy we have fought these past three years will, most likely, redouble their attempts to cause death and destruction on American soil. The valley of the shadow of death is long and deep, but with the Lord’s help, you, and we as your nation, will see the light at the end, and know peace.

So, in closing, stay committed, America needs your leadership, your commitment, and your faith to lead us to the end of the long night. America prays for you, Mr. President, and wishes you all the best.

Age 30
Birmingham, AL



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