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November 08, 2005

Actions speak louder than words

Dear George:

Actions speak louder than words. Which is why I don’t understand how anyone but selfish, rich white people can say they support you. After all, they are the only ones who benefit from this administration.

You consistently ignore the needy--including the elderly and the children. You threaten and intimidate those who dare question your statements and ideas, rather than encouraging an honest debate of the issues (although that’s understandable--sad and pathetic, but understandable--considering how awful you are at extemporaneous speaking).

You lied to the world and to the citizens of this country in order to get us into war for a selfish reason, which even your own father knew better than to do. You ignored the environment, health care, and education by saying one thing and doing another, knowing all the while that so many Americans will believe what they hear rather than think for themselves. Yet you and your cronies (several of which are under indictment for various crimes) are perfectly willing to try to impeach Clinton for lying about an affair. To put it into perspective--which one’s lie resulted in the deaths of thousands of Americans for several years with no end in sight?

Pat Buchanan has even said that this administration is dirtier than Nixon’s--after all, Nixon’s dirty politics didn’t endanger anyone’s life the way the Valerie Plame leak did.

I also don’t know how you can call yourself a Christian, since I’m sure Jesus Himself would be ashamed at what you’ve said and done in His name. True Christianity says “judge not, lest ye be judged”, yet you send people to their death with a smile on your face and a joke on your lips--both as governor of Texas and president of the United States. You show no tolerance for the poor, or even the middle class, let alone for anyone who doesn’t share your ultra-conservative views.

Like I said, actions speak louder than words. And history, thankfully, will remember you for your actions, not your words. The truth is always revealed, in the end.

Age 30
New Hampshire



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