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November 01, 2005

I don’t know what Jesus would say

Dear George:

Hello, hope you are doing good and sleeping well at night. It must be tough, what with American soldiers dying every single day in an unwinnable war, your entire top tier of Republican party machine advisors about to be under indictment, and with your approval ratings at the lowest level in the history of presidential approval polls.

Maybe you should pray to Jesus, the prince of peace. Sometimes I wonder how people can call themselves Christian and support war. Do you ever wonder about that Mr. Bush? Do you ever wonder what Jesus would say about the war in Iraq? I do. I believe he would say end the war now. What would he say about a man who led the nation into a war that has killed tens of thousands of innocent people for reasons that proved to be untrue?

I don’t know what Jesus would say but I do know I would sure hate to be standing in your shoes, Mr. Bush, come judgment day. Well, goodbye Mr. Bush. I know your job is hard. Maybe you should go relax on your ranch for another three months while your minions run around discrediting the character of grieving mothers who lost sons in the war in Iraq. Good luck Mr. Bush, the world is watching and so is the prince of peace.

Age 29
Frederick, Maryland



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  • At 5:01 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    That's your problem son you don't know Jesus...

    If you did then you would know Bush is doing the right thing in stoping people whole cut off other peoples heads while prasing God

    Don't you think God would want these people stopped? I do and I know God personaly...


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