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November 04, 2005

Thank god for the new media

Dear George:

Thank you for hard work and determination during these last 4 trying years. To sum it all up it in one sentence that is an open ended question that LIBERALS don't want to face or remember.

Why has the mainstream media decided not to show clips from 9/11 anymore? They can bitch all they want about Fox News but the truth is that Fox at their best get 2-3 million viewers a night vs. the big 3 (CNN is irrelevant any more) they get avg. of 22-23 million.

Why during this war on terror does the media push us away from it when it is the central focus of everything we are involved in.

Thank god for the new media and new ideas of the Republican Party.

p.s. As I stare down at my paycheck today and see the $68 taken out every week for social security. Thank you for trying to make sure that money will be there when I retire. Hopefully in a private account where I will get a better return and I will either own the nest egg or my family will access it.

Thank you

Mark Fredrichs
Age 28
Des Moines, IA



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  • At 12:28 PM, Blogger Nick said…

    Just HOW in your 28-year-old brilliance does the war on "terror" equate to us overthrowing Saddaam, when there was no evidence? Guilty before proven guilty? I hope you don't pretend to be honest when you serve on a jury...there was no evidence, we should be finding the terrorists in Afghanistan...not fighting on one side of the Iraq Civil War.


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