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August 10, 2004

A world of trouble

Dear George:

I am wondering why you don't do something about our dependence on foreign oil. We have plenty of oil right here and there are those standing in the way of some of it's drilling. We are nearing a depression and it is mostly being caused by high costs of fuel. We need to forget about protecting wild life areas and get started producing our own oil. I believe it OPEC was served such a notice, it would be more inclined to be reasonable. I also think that Iraq should be trading us oil for services and supplies that we are sending them. These high prices at the pump have to stop because the middle to lower income people are doing without things and food in order to keep gasoline in their tanks. Also, they the poor crowd will be unable to heat their homes under these conditions.

I have not heard one word from either candidate about this problem and I believe you ought to be the first one to immediately address it on a coast to coast T V broadcast. Please Mr. President, do something for the poor.

There are so many other ways that could bring about a big change in the lives of the American people. Just to mention one, the cost of money is way out of control. There ought to be a way to force Interest rates to come down as did the Mortgage rates. No one should be allowed to charge more than 2% Interest for any type of credit. Some are charging as much as 20%. This in my opinion is the main reason for the world's financial problems. One word sums it up. GREED. Beat Kerry and show your support for these problems that face most Americans.

I think also that gouging at the pumps should be made Illegal. Here around the tri-state are, they all seem to belong to a plan to rise the price on gasoline as much as 20% from the middle of the week until the following week and it takes them sometimes two weeks to get it back to where it was. This happens every week and should be stopped. I will be giving you my support and good wishes for the election and hope you win it, as I don't like Catholics in government because in my opinion they are against God and should have no place in our government, and not only that, but we are in a world of trouble that you are already familiar with and I don't think he could handle.

Thanks for reading. Best wishes.

Age 75
Amelia, OH



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