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August 02, 2004

God's will

Dear Mr. President(?),

I live in Colorado Springs, a major conservative hotspot, but I have luckily grown up in a very liberal family. Both my parents are Democrats. I have always thought (on my own, mind you), that you are no president. A president is someone who doesn't put innocent people in the line of fire, for a war that serves no purpose (where are the weapons of mass destruction, Dubya?). A president is someone who respects freedom of rights for EVERYONE ( same-sex marriage, maybe?)

But, what doesn't make sense, Mr. President, is that anyone who is against what you are doing is considered un-patriotic. The Dixie Chicks, Michael Moore, I could go on forever.... Don't get me wrong, I love this country, but the fact that I am against the war in Iraq, that I am in support of same-sex marriage, and that I am really against you, because of you I am considered someone who hates this country. Isn't this my freedom of speech?

Lastly,(and this is worst thing) I am a devout Christian. I may worship in an unorthodox way, and I haven't gone to church in about 5 weeks, but I still have faith in God. You are saying that this war is in the name of God. You are saying that everything you do, most of it is God's will. This is NOT God's will. This war isn't God's will. None of this is. If you want to be more Christ-like, and follow God's way, start by reading one of the ten commandments. I believe the one you're searching for, is oh what is it? “Thou shalt not kill” maybe???

I'll be hoping for Kerry to save this country

Age 15
Colorado Springs, Colorado



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