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August 10, 2004

No planet left behind

Dear George:

The BIG picture: it's the environment, stupid.

The solutions to our environmental problems aren't Republican or Democrat issues. It's not good environment = bad economy. Environmental sustainability isn't a liberal or conservative issue. It's not right or left. It surrounds right and left. It surrounds everything.

Think of is this way:

The economy is a subset of the environment. The environment is NOT a subset of the economy. As the environment goes, so goes the economy, only sooner.

Increasing our fossil fuel consumption to favor your corporate contributors while allowing $100,000 tax credits for Hummers and ignoring global warming, now there's a plan indicative of the other environmental misdeeds you have done with your corporate controlled administration.

We could be almost four years into a World War II scale effort to create renewable energy technology, become net energy EXPORTERS and tell OPEC to go pound sand. Instead of buying billions of dollars of foreign oil we could be employing millions of Americans and selling billions of dollars of solar panels and wind generators and fuel cells.

I have a plan for you: No Planet Left Behind. I know you and your fossil fuel buddies are will be heading to Mars with the new NASA program you announced in January. Have a nice trip. The golf should be really good there, not much wind resistance and less gravity.

In the mean time, I wonder why what you are doing to Mother Nature and the rest of us here on Planet Earth is not a more impeachable offense than Bill Clinton's peccadilloes?

You are screwing us and the planet big time, Tex, but you can't beat Mother Nature. She's got us all by the short hairs, thanks to you.

This, Mr. President, shall be your legacy: enviroidiot. The next president will hopefully be the one to save the planet. At the rate we are going, he won't have a choice.


Age 56
Franklin County, Tennessee



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