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August 02, 2004

A raising and an education

Dear George:

I am a 46-yr. old female who has worked in the medical field for about 25 years. I have two grown children. One of my biggest complaints is watching people abuse programs such as Medicaid. I had 2 children without any medical insurance and I paid for them out of my pocket, working right up until the time I had them and returning to work as soon as possible afterwards. I did not get their immunizations free, their doctors visits free, their formula, their medicine, etc. I had cloth diapers even when disposable ones were available. I was responsible for them, the government was not.

I believe you owe your children 2 things: a raising (which consists of many things along with teaching them about God) and an education. My son is about to start college and it is my responsibility to see that he is properly educated. I have watched many young kids have babies out of wedlock, living off of the social programs and never learning what it is to be responsible for their own actions. Mr. Bush, I support you and your beliefs 100%.

I do tend to get into heated arguments with liberals which I probably shouldn't. My son is at the age of fighting for his country and he recently told me that if he finds that college is not for him, he will sign up for one of the military branches of service. Naturally, I cringe a little at the thought of him going to serve his country and the possibilities of him not returning as every parent would do but my daddy fought in the Korean war and I can remember him telling me that God was always at his side. It was his duty.

I feel that the American people have strayed far away from God and that is one of the main reasons we have so much discontent in America today. I admire your courage to lead our country in the ways that you do, always standing up for the things that are good and right even though you get criticized often. I love your statement about “being responsible for your own actions” but I just wished more people would adhere to it.

Thank you for your stamina, honesty and leadership in times that we need a strong commander. Good luck in the upcoming election. You have my vote!


Age 46
Mineola, Texas



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