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August 11, 2004

What happened to my tax cut?

Dear George:

I was wondering what happened to my tax cut. I have been waiting for several months now, but the mailman has delivered nothing. This disappoints me. I was sure I, of all people, would get a tax cut. I am a little old lady, a grandmother 8 times over, an Army widow, and retired because I am too old to remember to go to work. I thought surely one of those qualifications would allow me to be on the list for a tax refund check.

Would you please check with the IRS to find out why I was skipped over when the checks were mailed? Perhaps it was a clerical error. I know how easy it is to make a mistake when one is looking over several million names. I suspect that my tax cut went to someone else. I just hope it was sent to someone who really needed and appreciated it, as opposed to some oil millionaire or someone like that. I would appreciate your checking for me.

I realize you are far too busy to do this personally, though personal service is preferable. Actually, when I stop to imagine your busy schedule, I don't know how you get anything done! I mean with the war in Iraq and all that. I am aware that Vice President Cheney does a lot of the work, but it even seems too much for him.

I do, however, appreciate your controlling the news from Iraq. If we knew everything that is going on over there, it would just be overwhelming, especially for a helpless little lady like me. I suppose I would just be pacing the floor and wringing my hands if I was told about everything going on over in that hot, dusty, oil-rich country. I hear there is so much oil over there that it is hard to decide who owns it. I suppose whoever wins the war in Iraq gets the oil. I hope we win.

Well, George, I have taken up enough of your time. I know you have a lot of traveling to do. I get mixed up on the red and blue states, but I hope you have them straight. I'm sure the Democrats would not want you going to one of their states, nor would the Republicans. I keep hoping that you will campaign in my state. I have heard so much about you that I would really like to see you in person. I sometimes wonder if those cartoonists do you justice. I don't suppose I will ever see you, however, because I live in a red of blue state which is Republican. You will not need to come here because we are all true blue or true red (whichever it is) here. Such a pity! I would just love to watch your buses, limos and SUVs sweep into town.

Take care of yourself. Maybe you should just take it easy and read a good book. Laura might recommend something to you. I think it helps to read because it broadens ones outlook on life and promotes an understanding of what is going on in the world. I suppose you get all the reading you need when the CIA gives your the daily update. I wish I had some short little snippets like that instead of the voluminous newspaper. Do you know what a lucky man you are? Imagine getting paid to do your job!

I hope you can spend more time in Crawford at your ranch. You seem to really let yourself go when you are there. I saw those pictures of your dirt bike. Oh, by the way, on television last night I saw this Olympic event in which these young guys did all these flips, handstands, jumping off ramps, etc. Perhaps if you practice a little, you could do some of those things on your dirt bike. Oh, I suppose those kids (and most of them were young daredevils) at the Olympics have different bikes. Do be careful - or if you fall, maybe you could fall on your face of some other place where you wouldn't break anything.

Please look into that tax cut situation. Thanks, and may God bless Amurica.

Age: No woman tells the truth - 74
Springfield, VA



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