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July 17, 2004

The world becomes smaller every day

Dear George:

As a college government major and govt. employee, I find it hard not to enter into every political discussion around me. Whether at the pub, on the bus, or in my own family room, it is obvious to me that people are more and more unsure of our country's direction in this world. Most individuals say we need to focus on our economy, and be less involved in world affairs. However, I know the world becomes smaller every day, and the success of our economy is becoming more and more dependent on the success of other country's economies. I understand that this trend compels us to play a major role in the development of the world economy.

More importantly, I understand the need to play the lead role in the world's security. I support your aggressive foreign policy plans in all arenas, and I admire you for “staying the course,” even while faced with intelligence failures, the Halliburton scandal, etc. We must continue to be strong and fight militant Islam, while embracing the true and moderate Islam of peace and good will. This battle will probably last for most of my life, but there is no other option.

While I expect that another terror attack is near, I am not afraid. I will remain hopeful for security, and look forward to the future. Especially if that future involves a stronger commitment by your administration to better education in our nation's schools, and a more liberal view on universal healthcare. While you've taken small steps to help our children, we need to make education one of our TOP PRIORITIES with respect to our budget. And if European countries can provide universal healthcare for all their citizens, then so can we. I do not oppose a large hike in taxes, as long as the money goes to help the future of our country, and, at the same time, protects our oldest loved ones.

Your administration has my trust and support, but there is always room for improvement!

Very Respectfully,

Age 26
Grand Rapids, MI



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