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August 12, 2004

WW2 Veteran

Dear George:

I am a 76 year old WW2 Veteran who will vote for your reelection.

I have seen the voting record of Senator Kerry and know why he never refers to himself as Senator. As for the line, “I'm John Kerry and I'm reporting for duty,” that is a far cry from the John Kerry who wrote for three purple hearts after he received two scratches and one wound that took him off duty for a day. He then took the offer of a discharge for those with 3 Purple Hearts and then joined with the Jane Fonda group calling those with whom he served murderers. He has waffled on every issue more than any other candidate I have observed in my entire voting history going back to my first vote for Ike.

Americans are shaking with fear of what the terrorists will do next and rather than blame them for our woes, they blame you, our President, and our first President to take any action against Muslim Terrorists and now face opposition by weak and whiny frightened Americans who would do anything so as not to further irritate this enemy bent on destruction of our Western civilization.

As for those who say we failed to build coalitions I don't abide America begging President Chirac. He has his own agenda and aid to the US is not on it. This is a France where over 63,000 Americans lie buried in eleven cemeteries, from my information and while I don't think we should alienate their President my feeling is that We were attacked, not they. It is our responsibility to be able to act for ourselves to defend ourselves without begging for permission.

Our country America needs a strong President like yourself. Osama Bin Laden will dance with glee should John Kerry win the election over you Mr. Bush. I hope and pray for your reelection.

Age 76
Newport, Vermont



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