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August 29, 2004

A true conservative

Dear George:

I am a Communist, a Socialist, an anarchist, a far-left thinker, an anti-American, and an anti-Semite…Or at least, this is what your followers would like everyone to believe, despite the fact that I am a registered Republican.

Because I disagree with your Administration's policies toward the Middle East, I'm “anti-American”?

Because I detest the passage of such bills as the Patriot Act, the pushing of such bills as the Domestic Security Enhancement Act of 2003 and executive orders creating faith-based programs in spite of our opposition, I am “un-patriotic”?

Because it sickens me to see our religiously motivated blind-faith towards Israel (Israel does not mean Jewish), I'm labeled an “anti-Semite”?

Because I am against the current war in Iraq and saddened by the brave men and women that have been killed or maimed and the innocent Iraqi civilians that have been tortured, raped, and killed, I am a “bleeding-heart liberal”?

And because I am shocked at the complete and utter destruction of the civil liberties and rights granted us by our founding-fathers, I'm a “Communist”?

Perhaps some more name calling by your boys at Fox News is in order? You know they love you there.

My main point of contention is this “War on Terror”. Are you honestly naive enough to believe that these people are after us because they hate the fact that we are free? Did you ever consider that our presence in Saudi Arabia, the permanent no-fly-zone over Iraq, and our unswerving support for Israel might just be making these people a little angry? Yes Mr. President, perhaps these people hate our freedoms but they do not hate my freedoms as an American. They hate the liberties you take when you invade a sovereign country, the way our foreign policy is easily dictated by our never-ending consumption of non-renewable resources, the way we use our veto power to halt any investigation or intervention into the actions of Israel, a nation that has consistently violated the U.N. Charter and numerous Security Council Resolutions due to their actions towards the Palestinian people (It is this stance that apparently makes me “Anti-Semitic”).

How would you feel if your Crawford ranch was bulldozed because some member in your family committed a terrible crime? You had nothing to do with it, right? Now you've a small taste of life in the occupied territories.

I believe that we have killed more than enough Middle-Easterners to make up for what was done to us on 9/11. You may believe that a policy of “Cutting our Losses and Pulling out” is out of the question, but you must be rational. Continuing with this war will only make us even more despised by the world community as more innocent civilians die in the wake of our War Machine searching for a few individuals, resulting in the recruitment of even more foreign terrorists from countries we may not even expect. It's time to put ego aside and leave the Middle-East permanently even if this means giving up a large amount of energy resources causing economic difficulties: the life of one person is worth far more than my right to operate a motor vehicle. We are Americans and we will overcome. We need not kill others to achieve our goals.

I tell you this while assuming you will be reelected come November. To be honest, you will not have my vote in November but you can sleep easy knowing that John Kerry wont have it either. I believe that both of you “Rich boys” have absolutely no clue as to the true mindset and state of your average working class American. In the hope that he will be on the ballot here in Florida, I will cast my vote for Michael Badnarik, a true conservative with ideals your party and the democratic party will never understand.

Age 21
Tampa, Florida



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