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August 24, 2004

I have never seen such arrogance

Dear George:

I am a 73 year old grandmother and have watched Presidents come and go through the years and my family and I see you as the most inept and dishonest leader we have ever had.

I have never seen such arrogance as you and your close advisors have exhibited. You have destroyed the goodwill of formerly friendly nations towards our country. By "thumbing your nose" at our friends you have alienated us from our friends. Without making sure of your facts and failing to listen to others, you have created a much bigger terrorist following. All this at a huge, monumental, financial cost and loss of life and limb causing pain and hardship on the Anmerican people.

At first all we heard was that you were absolutely certain there were WMD in Iraq and that was the reason we had to go to war. Now the reason seems to have changed because you can't admit to being wrong. All we hear now is what a wonderful thing you have done to protect the country from terrorists and how "right" it is that we have freed the Iraqi people from a terrible dictator. I would like to ask you, are we the saviors of the whole world? How about those countries we ignored in the past when they were under the thumb of such dictators? I guess we just pick and choose who merit saving.

The American people are a compassionate people but frankly, I think we are tired of being the world savior while ignoring the needs of our own people.

Your policy in the area of economics is so illogical that if it wasn't so sad it would make me laugh. You don't seem to care about the hard working middle class at all. It is all about supporting the big corporations and bending the rules to their advantage. Everyone else can fend for themselves. You have also set this country back years and years in the area of the envirounment. Again, it is about protecting big business and not thinking of the future. Don't you realize that this planet needs protecting too? We can't just keep exploiting our resources and abusing the Earth and expect it to always sustain us. Our health care system is in a huge mess and again you don't seem to care. When our citizens are hurting because they are unable to afford health care and can't afford the extreme high cost of purchasing medicine, you still support the big drug companies instead of the people you are supposed to serve. Your "No Chid Left Behind" policy is a failure and many education administrators and teachers hate it. I can think of many more issues but these mentioned above are the most important to me.

I can't come up with a single issue in which I think you have done a good job. One of the things that frightens me the most, is the Conservative religious zealots who believe they have all the "right" answers concering one's relationship with God. How dare anyone dictate to others in Spiritual matters. And you want to line the Supreme Court with such people. This is narrowing the distance between Church and State.

We voted Republican for several years until the Party became more and more conservative and unethical in their tactics. It seems it is all about "the end justifies the means" and nothing is unethical as long as you win. It appears it isn't really about serving the common good but serving the selfish needs of individuals and maintaining your power base. Well, I can say this for certain, you may win re-election because of such manipulative practices and because you have managed to pull the wool over the eyes of many people, but sooner or later, in this life or the next, what goes around, comes around.

Age 73
Olympia, WA



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