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August 24, 2004

The most critical election of my lifetime

Dear George:

I feel very concerned about the direction the country is headed. It seems to me if YOU do not get reelected we can kiss our freedom goodbye, as we have always taken it for granted. I have not seen the public being educated or informed by the government about just what it will mean if the Democrats lie their way back into office. It is very important for you to get more aggressive with the media and their lies and support for the Democrats.

Mr. President, I would like to see you rise above the fray and begin to tell it like it is. Tell the people what this bunch of idiots has in store for our country if the undecided and the air heads allow them to prevail. I realize how difficult it is to actually make this happen but it is most critical for all of us and our kids and grandkids to keep these people out of office. Please get in there and get down and dirty and do what ever it takes to let the undecided know just what a disaster it will be if those folks prevail this time.

In my humble opinion, this is the most critical election of my lifetime of 74 years. I have seen the Democrats selling our freedom down the river for generations and this time it will be far worse.

Please take action down on the Arizona-Mexico border to stem the flow of the reported bands of 100 young middle eastern males who are stealing across our border every night. A resent article from the newspaper in Douglas, Arizona pointed out this situation and told of the Border Patrol being undermanned to the extent that they are able to apprehend only one out of ten of the groups they do discover. Please put a stop to this if you can. I can envision these Arab suicide bombers creeping toward our major cities every day to try to influence our presidential election just like they did in Spain.

Mr. President please know, the people I know are with you and we want to help in any way we can but we think you need to start getting rough with the liars and media idiots who are misleading our population in a major way every single day.

God Bless you and we all pray for your success.

Age 74
Valley, WA



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