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August 19, 2004

I want to go over there

Dear George:

My name is Edward, and I'm a true Republican ever since I can remember. I am 36 years old and I want to volunteer for the ground forces in Iraq. I was given a code RE-4 when I was in boot camp, I tore a muscle in my back. It has since healed up but that code RE-4 said I couldn't go back into the military ever. I think that is so wrong in so many ways. I was in the navy but I want to go where the action is. I know you have the pull and the power to over turn that code. Please Mr. President, I want to go over there to fight for our freedom. Age shouldn't have anything to do with a man or woman who is wanting to sever his or her country. I am willing to put my life on the line for you and this great country of ours. The reason I want you to over turn that code is so I can go over there to let our boys who have been there close to two years. I'll take the place of one of our troops. And I also know you are needing more troops for Iraq. Mr. President when you over turn my code RE-4 you can call me anytime day or night. You can reach me on my phone at ******. I want to service under a great President and a great American. Well that’s my letter. Give it to your legal people and please have my code RE-4 reversed. When you reverse it, I can be on the next plane to the nearest military base for training. Thanks for your time to listen. Hope to hear from you soon.


Age 36
Newton, N.C.



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