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November 16, 2005

Senior in high school 1

Dear Mr. Bush,

I am a senior at East Ridge High School in Clermont, Florida. I am apart of the minority who still support you through and through. I pray for you and your administration daily. I know that it isn’t easy to do the right thing all the time but I think you do a great job. I know as a Christian that God has a plan and a way with and for everything and that is how I feel about you as our President and the daily decisions you make that affect me.

I don’t know if you got my letter I sent you a few weeks ago but it was about someone who looked up to you and supported you so much that he gave the ultimate sacrifice for our country. His name was Joshua and he died in Iraq on August 15, 2005. I know you cant predict the future anymore than I can change the past. But I thought that you would want to know that there are some young impressionable teenage boys and girls like Joshua who were willing to follow you and die for our country.

I had a history teacher in Georgia last year his name was Coach Boyd. He was an active duty marine and probably the best teacher I have ever had. He had a Bush-Cheney poster up on top of the classroom. And one of my favorite mottos that he wrote in my yearbook was...”what you do for others dies when you die and what you do for others lives forever! SIMPER FI!” That was the motto Josh lived by and served by under you.

Age 17
Clermont, Florida



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