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November 15, 2005

Mohammed Ali

Dear George:

I do not think is very smart to give Mohammed Ali the Medal of Freedom, since he dodged the draft, which was against the law at the time.

Age 69
Blaine, WA


Mr. President,

I am a supporter of yours, and I truly love you and your family and the Republican Party, and I came to Washington to see you sworn in, and I think you are doing the greatest job since Ronald Reagan and George Washington. I know you probably do not need to hear this negative statement I am about to make, but I cannot hold it back as a Veteran Of the U. S. Air Force, the following is the first piece of dust I have seen on your shift or shelf:

Mr. President you do not have to compromise with the Colors or with the Religions of the World by installing a Freedom Medal on a man, that dodged the Draft and moved to Canada and changed his name to a Muslim name. The Muslims and the blacks will figure this out quicker than I did, the People that voted for you voted because of you being truthful. Please do not be a people pleaser to where it hurts the morals of American black, white or polka-dotted Veterans. I remember the day he left Miami to go to Canada -- Please do not make a mistake like this anymore -- it is as if Saddam was dying of cancer and you pin a medal on him.

Please do not have pressure on yourself enough that you have to be untruthful about this Freedom Medal, which is not good politics either. I would rather have you tear down the Korean Memorial before pinning a Freedom Medal on this particular man. God Bless You and Please forgive my criticisms -- I can not hold it back.

U.S.A.F. Veteran



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