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December 02, 2004

Where do you start?

Dear George:

Where do you start, on the cusp of your second term? Will you enforce the laws of the land, or seek to impose a narrow, divisive view on the country? Will the economic restraints come off your corporate supporters, as they did immediately after your first term election? Will your supporters be held accountable when they break the law, as Enron and Dynegy management did immediately after your first inauguration? Will your administration be distinguished in its fair and equitable enforcement of all the laws?

Or will your administration be stained and tainted and forever tarnished by corruption, cronyism and favoritism? It's your golden opportunity to lead by example, without kowtowing to your political side. Now you will be able to demonstrate to the entire country, and to the world that the chief executive, sworn to uphold and enforce the law, will execute his duty admirably, without prejudice, will always maintain the highest standards of ethical conduct as befits the highest elected office in the country. With a clear majority, it's a golden opportunity to deliver the promise of the American Dream back to America.

The intent of the founding fathers was to create a branch of the government responsible for enforcing, upholding and advancing the principles for which we stand, one nation, indivisible, with justice for all, and exceptions to none.

The world is waiting. And we are watching. And we will let you know how you are doing. Best wishes for a successful second term, where you should finally be able to articulate and demonstrate the higher values and principles of the United States, to insure these values are upheld, advanced, protected and enhanced, free of political calculation, indifferent to temporary polls or backlash from invested special interests. That would be a good thing...

Age 53
San Francisco, CA



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