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November 24, 2004

Willing to tick off a few people

Dear President Bush:

We love you and think you have done a great job! I don't know what United State some folk are from, but in my Untied States we have enjoyed many benefits from the time you took office to the present. I don't keep on top of things a lot as some may, but I know in the last couple years my investments have actually made a lot of money, our interest rates on housing, cars major purchases has been great (very low) seems everyone around here that wants to work . . . is working. (although governor Taft did his best to kill Ohio economically closing our Lima prison then transferring everyone from that prison to other prisons and hiring more people to try and take care of all the prisoners they moved and over crowed those prisons. He tried to ruin Ohio. NOW Mr. Taft, IS A PIECE OF WORK) But I think you have done a wonderful Job and I support you 100%! All my friends and family voted for you. I would not have voted for Kerry if he was the only person running! Every time I watch a debate between you and Kerry and the liberal media would say "Kerry won the debate" I always wondered what debate they were watching, Kerry wiggled and stammered on every issue. He scares me, It's like he can't keep his thought straight and he wants to please who ever he is dealing with at the time. Can't do that a be president, you have to be willing to tick off a few people

The only thing I would have done different than you, Mr. President is…I would have went to Iraq and blew the whole place up and got the job done in a few minutes! I know you have to deal with these whinny do-gooders that can't understand we can not tolerate terrorist or their friends and families. As sad as it is, they are not like us. they don't think like us and they would kill our children and grandchildren and not blink an eye. So although it would hurt my heart to kill anything, I think that's what I would have done. So I guess America is much better off having you the Level headed man in charge and not me a PMSing women. (just a little levity)

Once again WE LOVE YOU GEORGE BUSH! 4 more years . .. .yes!!!!
Thank you for keeping our country and families safe! I am proud to be an American from Ohio!

Age 50



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