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November 17, 2004

Unknowing state of your union

Dear George:

Although you handled 9/11 admirably, the way you continued your presidency afterwords was quite disturbing. First off, you send off our men to Iraq, when the one who attacked us, Bin Laden, is still in a cave somewhere. Please, before you bring a man who has yet to harm us to death, find the man that DID harm us.

I am also very sorry to hear about the fact that you are on anti-psychotic drugs. My sister was on anti-psychotics and I know how hard it must be, so that is why I give you alot (and I mean ALOT) of leeway. I do not care if you are not as well-spoken as Carter or Kennedy. As Depeche Mode says "words are very unnessacery, they can only do harm, so enjoy the silence." I am not very well-spoken, and I will be the first to admit it. Don't let that get in your way of attempting to re-unite our country.

I would also like to discuss with you the gay-marriage ban. Now, although you claim that it is aginst God, I would like to point out my favorite saint: Saint Francis of Assisi. Saint Francis, accoridng to legend, was homosexual. He lay with quite a few men as he taught the word of God, yet he is still a saint. I fear that your knowledge of our Holy One may be incorrect, and I urge you to read the hebrew transcript of both the new and old testament, in which God states that homosexuality is not a sin, but a way of life that he does not approve of. It is never mentioned as a sin though. Please keep gay marriages legal.

Now, onto abortions. Yes, I received an abortion, but so did your ex-girlfriend. I beleive you may be entitled to your opinion because, in reality, you wanted this child. You have two beautiful daughters, Mr. President. What if one of them got pregnant outside of marriage? What would happen if they recieved an abortion? I would feel sorry for them, because there father did not support their choice. You may hear them say that they would never recieve an abortion, but I said the same thing. As you must know, it is so much more different when you are in the situation.

I would also like to point out that your side of the coin, meaning the conservative side of politics, can be considered a psychological disease by the APA. One defining figure of a psychological disease is the fear of change. It seems that one founding princible of conservatism is the absense of change. By this, I mean such debated issues like abortion and gay marriage. You fear to allow gay marriages, then you fear to allow abortions to continue and would rather resort to the 1700 style of house keeping - women barefoot with 12 children, husband cutting the tobacco. This is not a welcome view by most women, Mr. President. I just want to prevent anything that can harm your wife and daughters, sir.

I have much more that I can disclose to you about the unknowing state of your union. As a citizen of a democratic state, I would love for this country to be re-united, under some sort of general understanding. Compromise, Mr. President, please, compromise.

Thank you.

Age 19
New Britain, CT



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