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November 21, 2004

From a 13 year old

Dear President Bush,

I am so excited that you won another term. I am so proud of you and your family. I know that does not mean much coming from a 13 year old, but it should. In my school we are doing a very big project. I am doing one on your mother, who I am inspired greatly by, and my friend David is doing one on you. I will try my hardest to post both of our projects on this. When I found out that you won, I cried. You inspired me to become President of the United States. That is what I told my family that day. I work really hard in school and I try my hardest. I make A's and B's on my report cards, so I guess you can say I do ok. I have a wonderful mother who does not get the respect she needs. I know I should be talking about the war, but this is from my heart and I should have a right to be heard. My mother is a single mom of three girls. Her and my dad got a divorce in 2000. She has been going to school ever since we moved away. She wanted to be a nurse and that is what she got. I prayed my hardest every night that she would get the money to go to school and the very next day my prayers were answered. The hospital in our county paid for her to go to school. I know of some people who don't believe in God and I have no idea how they could think that way. My mother is probably the most successful person in our county. She works so hard to provide for us and I love her. You impress me the most and I know you are a great person who believes in God. If you could Mr. Bush, please email me back. I would greatly appreciate it. If you don't want to or you can't, get on of your parents to email me. I love your family just like I love mine. You are so successful and I am just about to cry to just think how the world would be if you were not my President. Thank you for listening to what I have to say. Please consider emailing me back. I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you again so much.

Age 13
Morhead, NC



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