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November 24, 2004

Hand out of the cookie jar

Dear George:

what are you doing to my country and my future? Did your father drop you on your head! hundreds of thousands of people are dead because of you, how can you live with yourself. How about I put it like this: If a terrorist from America bombed the Eiffel tower, how would we feel if France came over to America with giant bombs and destroyed a populated area that they claimed was housing the terrorist that did the deed - how would we feel about that? Innocent civilians murdered, I bet that would fuck us up pretty bad. Well you are doing that to Iraqi people, and guess what, the children of the parents you bombed that survived, will grow up twisted just like the fuckers that bombed our towers from your dear old daddy, yeah, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree now does it. I wonder when you will be starting the draft to have more innocent people of ours murdered. Do you realize that we have lost more lives than we did on 911 with your ignorant revenge plan. So if you want to rebuild Iraq so bad, then why are you STILL DROPPING MISSILES ON THEM? I decided to do a argumentative research paper in my English 3 class on war. It is due pretty soon, and after all of the things I discovered about you and how dirty your party is, I voted for Kerry, to no avail since you are Christian and have everyone brainwashed. How can you call yourself a Christian after all of the shit you have pulled.

When I think about my 5 month old son and his future, I wonder how much you are going to harm this country before your term is over. God save us from the tyrant that is named George bush. I also think of the 1000s of young children in Iraq who discovered guns left in their home streets and played with them and killed each other. Imagine a home in America that has a gun and how devastating it is to hear on the news that 2 kids found the gun and one is dead. Multiply that number, and imagine how the parents feel about our troops.

Bring our troops home, let Europe handle itself, they are grown ups they can handle it. We are not the babysitters of other countries, get your hand out of the cookie jar.

And what is this that you, our president, are taking anti psychotic medicine? Maybe you should resign and join the army. Then a capable president can be elected. And since your family loves to fight, you can fight your own battle instead of having the people fight it for you.


Age 20



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