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March 24, 2005

Tearing my family apart

Dear George:

This is one of the most important letters I have ever had to write.

My family and I are going through an extremely painful ordeal. My two young daughters and I are American citizens. My husband, their father, is not, and we have been pointlessly separated throughout an insufferable immigration process for my husband.

We have been married for 10 years and have two beautiful children together. We chose to live in Munich, Germany for these first 10 years of our marriage. I then felt the time was right to move back home to move my family to this great country so that our children would have every doorway of opportunity open to them, just as I had. Now, however, this same great country is tearing my very own family apart.

The immigration process has been one stumbling block after another since it began in August of 2004. In the first phase of the process, we had paperwork returned to us to fill out again, even though the papers were originally properly filled out this was the fault of the immigration official, and I still have these papers to prove it. We wanted to cooperate and resent them anyway, only to have them returned yet again because the date was written incorrectly.

My husband and I then went to Frankfurt together and had we not gone and been adamant about it, we would most likely be stuck in the 1st phase still. Now in the 2nd phase, we are facing the same turmoil, except now it is even worse. Now we are physically separated since I found a job and relocated to St. Louis with our children to keep this job.

He had his final interview on March 17th and was turned away. Immigration forgot to mention to him two more documents he would need to bring with him. This was heartbreaking. I had to explain to our girls that daddy wouldnt be coming soon as expected, and that Easter would have to be celebrated without him. Watching their tears so saddened me. And then I became infuriated at this injustice at this ridiculously cruel heartless game playing. These immigration officials are not just rejecting simple documents; rather they are tearing families apart.

This great country preaches about how important family is. This great country cries out at how high the divorce rate is and how many children are being raised in single-parent families. And yet it is this same great country that is ruining my own family.

I understand homeland security, but this is not a marriage of convenience. This is a marriage of deep friendship and love that is stronger than ever 10 years and two amazing children later.
I realize to you that I may be no one, but I AM someone; someone with a family just like you. We are not faceless or nameless. I need to be heard on this. I need to be able to prove to my children, to my husband, and to myself that this is a great country that cares about its families.

Prove to me that what this country preaches and extols are not simply empty words and help my family fight this corrupt injustice. This is truly a scandal. I don't recall anyone having spoken out on this issue before, but now I am going to. Maybe something will change so that future families don't have to needlessly suffer like mine is doing everyday now. I will do whatever it takes to reunite my family, but I need your help.

Thank you and Warm Regrds,

Age 34
St. Louis, Missouri



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