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September 08, 2004

If Mr. Cheney retracts and apologizes

Mr. President,

As a former supporter of both you and the senior Mr. Bush I have changed my mind. I find the attacks of Mr. Kerry by your running mate and yourself unacceptable. I appall attack ads, a person should run on his record and deeds. I find someone who attacks another has issues with his self. Even though I find your record has merit, your attacks and the vice president the final issue to support Mr. Kerry.

I support Iraqi Freedom. Even though I think we as a country were misled, we should be helping those in Iraq to become free. It was not until I watched Mr. Cheney on the convention floor; I realized he is unfit to call anyone's war record wrong. I do feel you are a competent commander; however, it scares me that a non-combatant is next inline in the Chain of Command. I strongly urge you to consider that. What Mr. Cheney says reflects highly on you. Someone who avoided the war has no right to attack someone who was there. While you were not in Vietnam, you did serve the Guard. That I can and do respect! Mr. Cheney should have stayed out of that.

As a worker in the military supply field making armor parts for the Humvee, I have some knowledge of the need for a strong commander. If Mr. Cheney retracts his stance and apologizes for this impropriety, I would reconsider my current support to Mr. Kerry. I remain supportive to the war effort. I retain a job that pays too little. My reason for this is I like to provide something that makes a difference to our troops. Your best stance to me was your commitment to increase the amount of up-armored Humvees. I remain a loyal supportive American; however, I can no longer support dogged attacks by any politician.


Age 46
Hamilton, OH



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