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July 23, 2004

Reality is the best teacher in life

Dear George:

Sir, I first wish to wish you well, your parents and descendants well. Especially your father who I count as my hero. I hope your kin are in fine spirit and health.

I write you this letter because I feel that your understanding of the Muslim world is built on wishful thinking of neo-conservative ideology. You are my Commander-in-Chief at a time of rabid mutant Islamic ideology that wishes us destroyed. Yet to fight this ideology you choose to use ideology that basically nurtures reaffirming their ideology.

Sir, reality is the best teacher in life, the Iraqis did not give us flowers and offer kisses as liberators as your ideology believed but instead got Palestinianized and we occupationalist with everyday an American, Iraqi or foreigner pays in life. Reality teaches us that ideology is flake compared to it. Your goals sir, are noble and as American as apple pie but your methodology sucks.

Sir, you wish to spread democracy in the middle east where one person one vote is your mantra, but your reality is you got nominated avoiding counting votes in Florida. Our own capitol city DC is taxed without representation within our democracy. Reality sir, beats ideology any day. I trust reality. Ideology is but cheap and expensive thoughts and actions.

Sir, the sooner you stop calling kings and presidents for life in the middle east our friends the better reality will change on Muslim streets and democracy take hold. The sooner you resolve the Israel-Palestine issue the earlier you defang terrorism from Muslims. The faster you bring back our sons and daughters off foreign soils if possible or put them in garrisons the better we are at exporting our values that will surely take root.

Sir, please do not let ideology overwhelm reality. Re-affirm the reality of true peace, sovereignty and democracy and you would have done humanity a splendid favor. Stick to ideology and watch us end up in the dog chasing our tail format with little to show.

Otherwise you are a good commander, love your tax cuts, abhor your cultural issues about stem cells and gay marriage. Ground yourself in reality, escape ideology however addictive their special interest are and you shall do fine.

Age 28
Minneapolis, Minnesota



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