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June 29, 2004

Get tough again

Dear George:

I think you have had one of the toughest terms any president has had to take. President Clinton handed you a total mess and you are having to clean up the mess he left you with. The economy and the fate of it was never your fault. Heck, with a 6 trillion dollar debt, this nation has been sliding into darkness for about 25 years. The economy fell when CEO icons like Enron have lied about there bottom line and people just invested in air. It is not a democratic problem nor a republican problem, its a ethical problem. We have caused our economic down fall not you.

The war in Iraq and Afghanistan has been coming to a head for years. Stupid spoiled Americans have opened the door to terrorist attacks. We have lived in comfort and safety for so long that people have forgotten it took wars and fighting to keep this great country safe. I served 20 years active duty and retired in 1994. I watched as Clinton destroyed our military capabilities and when you stepped into office we were and still are totally unprepared. Of course Clinton was handed a military that could fight two wars at the same time and never use the reserves. Now we are scrambling and having to use our reserves.

Muslims and their Islamic faith have sworn to wipe us out. This is not an idle threat and America better wake up. The land of the free is about to experience what its like to have malls, hospitals, buses and any place innocent people meet blown up. I am one hundred percent in support of the Iraq war and we need to get tough. Even nuke those countries. They hate us and do not even know why. We are infidels to them and their religion calls for us to die.

Wake up America, get tough again.

Fight for our nation and lets keep presidents like Clinton, Gore and the likes of Kerry out of office. I know you are not perfect Mr. President, but you are tough and a man of principal and action. I appreciate that and your dedication to this nation. By the way, for anyone with common sense, our economy is rebounding. I have never had trouble working since you took office. In fact, my standard of living has risen.

Thank you

Age 49
Broken Arrow, OK



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