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July 23, 2004

I have to vote the way God would want

Dear George:

I am a 65-year old grandmother with a long-line democratic family. I have always said I was democrat if I had to make a choice; however, that was then and this is now. I have never voted a straight ticket--just for the “right” candidate.

I guess the reason for being a “democrat” would be they were for the working man.

The Democratic Party as it is now goes against my morals and beliefs. I have to vote the way God would want me to vote. There are too many important moral issues at stake in this country and I just have to depend on God to meet my earthly needs.

Therefore, I can only support you Mr. President in hopes you will be able to keep and recover the values this great country of ours was based on.

Something has to be done with the ACLU. They certainly are in the wrong country to manhandle us. They are trying to destroy our nation by eliminating any and all mentioning of God and promoting all that are against God. We turn our backs to God and evil will prevail as with 911. God won't intervene where He is not wanted.

Please keep up the good fight. We pray for you and our country daily.

Mr. President, I know that Mr. Cheney has and is doing a wonderful job and is a great asset to our country and while I truly respect and admire him, I feel the campaign is at stake and it would seem to me a running mate (like a Giuliani or McCain) with voter's appeal would give a boost and maybe victory to the Republican party.

Your democratic supporter. (Ha!)

Age 65 (In November)
Scott City, MO



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