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September 02, 2005

That’s why you are our leader

Mr. President:

What a huge title to carry. You Mr. President have carried it with honor. I have campaigned and voted for you the past two elections. And would continue that effort if there were a third term. I have watched you make very difficult decision with support and without support and you handled it like a true hero. You may say this is a little personal for me do to the similarities of you and my father. Very straight-forward honest and strong. Some folks think those are small unimportant words, but obviously you do not. I know you have taken personal criticism concerning the War in Irac and the most recent disaster in Louisiana. As far as the War goes I hated to see it come to that but we had no choice.

It was amazing how quickly after you first speech Friday the 2nd in the AM that “this was not acceptable” things started to roll. I know you have tons of help and people to direct in order for these things to happen. But, that’s why you are our leader. I have a 22 year old Daughter Amanda whom is very political and is very proud also to have you as our leader. My family is no one important we live in a small town, Texarkana, Arkansas, we work very hard, my husband works at Cooper Tire and Rubber Company for 18 years and I work at a Credit Union for a total of 17 years. My daughter is a LPN and is going back to receive her RN license. Keep up the difficult task of running to strong nation under God and we will continue to be strong.

May God Bless you and your family

Age 41
Texarkana, Arkansas



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