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June 23, 2005

The smoking gun

Dear George:

I believe that you mislead Americans into an illegal and immoral war against Iraq. The Downing Street Memo is the smoking gun that you acked on your on intent to start a war that lacked the truth about the situation.

We and the world shold be disarming weapons of mass detruction and we of all people should not seek to add to our arsenals. We blew that at the last 1970 Treaty conference.

The meeting on global warming is coming up and the polices concerning the enviroment must be built arround what the best of our world leading scientists have to report, and not on a lawyer deleating and editing the reports to fix your agenda.

I support gay marriages and the best of science supports that gays are born being gay. Just like you woke up one day and became aware the you were attracted to the opposite sex; gay an lesbieans wake up one day and are attracted to the same sex. Ten percent of any population is gay and it is not a sin. The book of Leviticus says we shoud stone homosexials to death as well as disobedient children as well as those who work on the Sabbath. It also speaks of avoiding certain foods and burning rams heads at the alter not to mention other violations that are not protested by fundamentalists. Why! Why just homesexuailty?

The Bible is not the literal word of God,but rather a man made book of man and his beliefs about a very theistic belife in God. It's not the only framework of a belief of a God that is availible, but the one that you must subscribe to.

We are suppose to have a seperation of Church and State but religion seems to play a main roll in your politics.

I believe that you Mr President and the vice president should be held accountable for lying to the nation and impeached for war crimes against the Constitution of the United States of America.

Age 52
Philadelphia PA



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