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June 14, 2005

Right to life

Dear George:

Today, you actually showed up for a question and answer- wait, no- a monologue session on embryonic stem cell research. The House of Representatives and a large portion of your own party has researched the issue of embryonic stem cell research and has voted to fund it federally. You avoided the issue of STEM CELL RESEARCH entirely, instead focusing on 'embryonic' childbirths. You displayed for the digestion of those in America not too educated on the issue of embryonic stem cell research a group of children who were birthed by embryonic means (which is funny, given that most fundamentalist Christians oppose embryonic birth assisted by science, stating it's 'evil'...).

I suffer from a chronic and debilitating illness that worsens as my life progresses. I am currently only 27, but by the time I am 40 years old, it is more than 60% probable that my condition will lead to malignant tumors in my small and large intestines. Recently (in the last 8 months, actually), exciting inroads have been made in the area of stem cell research into my illness' treatment and cure. Today, by threatening to veto congress' (once again, including a large portion of your own party) bill to federally fund stem cell research into illnesses (of which mine is a top one), you have chosen to value a single, non-living cell above me- a God-fearing, patriotic, faithful, LIVING American. You have hereby stated that the rights of a cell to live in a dish in a lab somewhere are to LIFE. What is MY right to live? Doesn't American science have an obligation to the greater good of America and the world?

Why don't you want me to live a healthy normal life? How did a cell in a dish somehow become a 'living being' today in your speech? Why must I suffer for your religious beliefs? Why should you get to decide which diseases will be pursued for a cure and which ones are to be suffered by people like me?

What did I ever do to deserve less rights than a cell in a dish?

I want to live a healthy life. Embryonic stem cell research can help find a cure. God wants me to live- He has already placed me into existence. Please stop assuming that everything relates to abortion and fetuses and cells. I AM a human being. I am ALREADY LIVING. The fetuses and cells are NOT. I should be given the rights those cells have- The right to LIFE.



Age 27
Chicago, Illinois



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