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June 29, 2005


Dear George:

I think you have bought in to your own party-line so much that you don't even stop to think how it's landing on the people who hear it. Last night, I knew what you were going to say - before you even said it, not because I'm psychic - but because you have been saying the same cotton-picking thing for four years now.
  • a. There will be dark days ahead
  • b. We are working hard
  • c. The terrorists are murderers. We fight them over there so wewon't have to fight them here.
  • d. We are making progress
  • e. The brave troops are spreading democracy, but the terroristsdon't want that.
  • f. We must complete the mission
But here's where it is not adding up: I'm no big fan of Saddam, but of what threat to us was he? At the point where we invaded his country, Saddam resembled a toothless lion. The threat as I understood it (and still do) was OBL. And, if you were trying to avoid war, what was Haliburton doing building bases in Iraq six months before the war even started?

Last night you said that military service was the highest calling a young person could aspire to. Okay, when are your daughters going to join up. Jessica Lynch and Lori Piestewa did, do they believe in spreading democracy more than Jenna and Barbara?

Do you actually listen to Rumsfeld? For instance, "You go to war with what you have, not what you want." First of all, we are talking about the AMERICAN Army. It's not like we're a third world country with limited resources. Second of all, we attacked them, not the other way around. So Mr. President, what would have been so bad about giving the UN Inspectors another month of two to do their work while we gathered materials for our troops? Isn't that the way to "support the troops" I imagine that would have meant more to them than a lot of patriotic hoo-hah.

Here's another one, "You can't know everything before you go to war." Now there's a confidence builder, the SECRETARY OF DEFENSE saying he doesn't know everything he possibly could before he goes to war, makes me wonder what else he don't know, and why he isn't trying to find out!

In this situation, I have some room to talk because I was actually in the Army. I joined in January of 73, by May of 73 I was trained and at my post. So, do you get my drift? If we can train me and THOUSANDS like me, in four and a half months, what's taking so doggone long to train the Iraqi's? It is their country, do you realize that? You are President of the United States, not Iraq!

And forgive me, but I don't believe you about the so- called "insurgents" either. When I look at it objectively, I have to ask myself why a Democratic Iraq would threaten anybody in the Middle East. Turkey doesn't. So I have to ask myself, if spreading democracy is not what these people are attacking us for, then what is their problem? Well, could it be they're ordinary citizens, who don't want us western devils in their country? I think so; and pardon me, but if I'm not wanted somewhere I usually take my happy butt out of there.

Now, I can just hear your wheels turning, "but that would create a civil war." True, but maybe you should have thought of that before you interferred; and second - how are you going to stop it? We can't stay there forever. If the Iraqi people don't want democracy, if they want to go back to a dictatorship, it is kind of their choice.

You and Cheney both have said this is not about oil, and Haliburton, and paying back campaign contributors. Sorry Charlie, but I don't believe you, and I'm glad your poll numbers are slipping, because what that tells me is that when you and Cheney start yelling, "the sky is falling, the terrorists are coming" maybe people are waking up and hearing OBL laughing at us; because every time you talk about him being able to run but not hide, he must laugh himself to death. And with our National Guard and Reserves, not to mention financial resources, going to protect us from a toothless lion, he's got a clear shot - thanks to you "Mr. President".

Age 52
Vidalia, Georgia



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