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October 13, 2004

Life's too short

Dear George:

I am a housewife living in an upper income neighborhood lounging in my whirlpool tub this morning listening to the hammering of new construction housing nearby. As I closed my eyes I imagined the workers doing the same job day after day...hammering nails, doing very hard manual labor. I was thinking about the election and the debates and I wondered what they were thinking. Luckily I am blessed with a caring husband and family and fortunate to live the life I have, but I wondered what these workers had to look forward to when they went home after a hard day like this. I don't believe the war in Iraq would be on their minds. My point is: I just think the average middle class American wants to come home every night to a loving wife and family and the only way that can happen is if we put America in first place. I have voted Republican in the past but let's face it: When has our Nightly News been so consumed with the elections in a foreign country nobody here knows about? At the risk of sounding callous, there have been bombings in the Middle East since the beginning of time and there always will be. That's not what the average American is thinking at this election time. Especially not those men building more upper class housing in my neighborhood. I think they want stability in their lives and food on the table for their kids and HEALTH CARE. Of course there's plenty of problems all over the world but we can't solve them all. Life's too short. I think it's time we concentrate on taking care of OUR people.

Thank You,

Age 55
Knoxville, TN



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