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January 20, 2005

Today, I am afraid

Dear George:

I am saddened and disgusted at the hypocrisy and bigotry in your claims to uphold God's law. You, who claims to be pro-life, also advocates the death penalty, and caused the deaths of over 14,000 people in Iraq. You ignore God's command to love others more than yourself, and to love your neighbor, and instead only listen to "Homosexuality is a sin." So is hatred. How can you deny the rights of God's children, who happen to be gay? What about God's command to help the poor? We are to give to the poor and care for them. How will the privatization of Social Security and the near elimination of social programs ensure that the poor are taken care of, too?

Mr. Bush, I recently read in the Washington Post an article called "Faces of the Fallen". I saw the pictures of the men and women, as young as 18 years old, who had been killed because of your mistake. How do you justify a war in a country who was not connected to the attacks of 9/11, and who were no threat to us? Mr. Bush, I am 14 years old, and the people dying in Iraq are only 4 years older than me. Do I feel safer with you as president? No, Mr. Bush, in fact, I live in daily fear. I fear that this war will last for more than the 4 years it is estimated to last. I fear that my cousins, classmates, and my brother will be drafted. I fear the destruction of God's creation in Alaska, I fear a society of hatred, where discrimination is not only accepted, it is encouraged. I fear that I will not be able to afford college. I fear that my generation will be left responsible for paying the deficit you created. I fear that you don't understand that your administration will affect this country for more than four years, that you don't see the impression your mistakes have left on this country. I fear terrorist attacks by Osama bin Laden and insurgencies in Iraq, because of you failures. I am afraid that my civil liberties, my rights as a human, can be violated by the Patriot Act. I am 14 years old, and today, I am afraid to be an American.

Age 14
Churchton, MD



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