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June 09, 2004

Thank you for liberating the millions in Iraq

Dear Brother George:

I want to say thank you for liberating the millions in Iraq. The left wing in America talk about human rights for homosexuals, who already enjoy many rights that those in Iraq do not get. The right to education, the freedom of speach, and the freedom to vote for their chosen elected official. And yet they don't bother to say thank you. Because you are labeled "Republican" some choose to hate you instead of objectively see what you have done. Some long for the days of President Clinton who did nothing to capture Osama when Osama was presented to him for capture. Yet they mock you and your accomplishments in Afghanistan and Iraq. They look at the meager number of lives we have lost. They are humbled, even, to see innocent lives taken as casualties and they hate you for that. Yet, we forget to say thank you for giving freedom to those in the middle east. They can now vote. They can now send their daughters to school. They may now choose their elected officials. Saddam and his sons will not rape the women of the land any longer. Some owe you an apology.

I would like to ask you to watch your spending habits. We have no reason to reach Mars. Some people think you came from there and are only trying to go back home! I say, save the money, use it for social programs, make us liberals a little happier and forget a mission to Mars.

I would like to ask that you begin fighting to protect the sanctity of marriage, or go down fighting. In this you may very well fix the course for America. Please consider giving them, however, some rights. I know that homosexuals would like to own property jointly. That really is fine and is not a threat to the sanctity of marriage. Be firm, be bold, and fight this fight to the end.

Lastly I would like to say may God bless you in the name of the Lord Jesus. May you continue to be honest. Serve the Lord with all your heart as Reagan and don't listen to the daily barage on your character. That is your strong point so of course they will attack you in this area. Stay the course. Don't be a quitter. Your legacy is already written in stone: "Liberator, Man of God".

In Christ,


P.S. If you do happen to leave office would you please buy the Atlanta Braves. May God have mercy on this team.



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