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June 04, 2004

A Liar and a Thief

Dear George:

You are a liar and a thief. Your sham energy companies, Harken Energy and Arbuto Oil, were nothing less than failed enterprises in which your daddy bailed you out.

You privatized the University of Texas endowment fund and then turned it over to Don Evans, the Commerce Secretary, who then in turn secured investors who took money from it and spent a hefty portion of it on your 2000 presidential campaign.

You claim that 9/11 was a complete surprise, but you were warned about it. You got planes to haul the visiting bin Laden family back to Saudi Arabia in defiance of the ban on air travel right after 9/11.

You lied about the reason(s) for war in Iraq. You told us that it was a mission accomplished, yet it was anything but. You handed out contracts to your buddies who have reaped enormous cash benefits from Iraq, while Iraqis die on the streets of their country.

Have I left out anything? Perhaps..., but the list is way too long.

- ambushed
San Francisco



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  • At 2:14 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    That air traffic ban never applied to military flights after 9/11 and nor should it have. Besides, you are upset that members of the bin Laden family were deported after 9/11? Are you serious?!? Would you have rather they were left to their daily business in our country or would you have rather they were arrested and maybe even executed without any trial?

  • At 8:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    and you say that he knew about 9-11. Do you realize that the US gets many many threats DAILY?? Do you realize that intel turns up many many possible threats Daily? Perhaps somewhere this was turned up but lost in the thousands of other threats. If every single one of these were to be taken fullyseriusly we would be living under matial law daily! You also fail to realize the many threats that have been subdued!


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